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Anthony Kavanagh

14 décembre 2022 @ 0h00

Are you happy?
The world has never needed so much laughter. Fortunately, providence has sent us a man from the cold to warm our hearts and make us forget our worries.
He swam across the Atlantic, abandoned his wife, left his children… all to make you, the French (and the Belgians and Swiss too!), laugh, so you’d better be there!
Anthony Kavanagh, the multi-talented and energetic comedian-showman, will share with you everything that makes him “HAPPY”!
You haven’t seen him in 5 years, so he’s got a lot of stories to tell you.
One thing is sure, when you leave his show you will be pumped up and when asked “Are you happy?” the answer will be easily read on your face.
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14 décembre 2022
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